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Happy Anniversary to me! Or should I say Blogaversary! It has officially been one year since I started Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob. (click here to read my first post!) I can’t believe that it was 1 year ago that I had a boring office job and found myself wanting to do something a little more stimulating that entering data all day long.

I thought this blog would be fun because I was heading to LA for a couple of days and wanted to keep everyone up-to-date with all my crazy adventures. Never in my wildest dreams would have I ever imagined how far this little blog would go in one year. Now, I’m no Perez Hilton, I know that. But the fact that over the past 12 months this blog has lead to opportunities at Entertainment Weekly, The Calgary Herald and most recently Energy 101.5 is absolutely crazy.

I always loved writing. I remember back in junior high I would write short stories for my classmates and get paid like $20 for them. Easy money. Although I do feel bad for the guy that got me on a bad day and got a story about a dog who eats the remote control. And in retrospect I probably should have held to the story I wrote about a boy wizard who must fight an evil Wizard who killed his uncle and aunt. Oh Perry Hotter, the book that got away.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has swung by this blog at least once. A big shout out to everyone that come by each and everyday and bug me if I dare skip a day. I love reading all your comments, almost as much as I love hearing that you finally checked out a show or movie that I recommended here on the blog. Although we weren’t able to save Veronica Mars, I certainly felt a bit responsible for this!

Then again we may have caused this.

I was going through my blog today trying to find my favorite posts and I think that is hard to do cause they are my little thoughts and ramblings. I think the one I hear about the most is this one here. Then there was this one that got me into a wee little bit of trouble.

This one is upsetting
And a little controversial

But I have to say my favorite piece is the one that Gary Susman from Entertainment Weekly asked me to write for them about my Star Wars Virginity. The moment I saw it on the EW.com web page is one I will never forget.

Thank you again for reading. It amazes me that even one person is interested in what I write about my sometimes ridiculous but amazing life. I know my mom likes it cause she doesn’t have to call as much….if ever.

Shameless plug: And if you haven’t done so already feel free to send the link to my blog out to everyone and anyone that you think would enjoy it.

After an absolutely amazing year, I’m so excited to see what is up next and I hope you will be along for the ride.


Mike Morrison