We can probably agree that the best part of Summer is the summer vacation. Remember how when we were kids, we’d always report back on the first day of school about all our great adventures that took place over the summer. It’s probably the first time as kids we really get to brag.

So this week, while I’m enjoying my summer vacation in Atlantic Canada, I’ve asked some cool Canadian celebrities to share their favourite summer vacation stories.

Today’s summer vacation story comes from the stars of History’s The Canadian Pickers. Every season, professional ‘pickers’ Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens embark on an incredible coast-to-coast adventure rummaging through barns, basements, and attics, in search of the perfect pick. When your job is to travel the country looking for amazing finds, you can only imagine what happens on your summer vacation.

Take it away Sheldon,

We wrapped filming Season 3 of Canadian Pickers last week, so Scott and I figured we deserved a short vacation. I flew from Calgary to Toronto on Friday and discovered that the Jays were facing the Texas Rangers (Yu Darvish on the mound!) within an hour. I dropped my bags, and walked to the Rogers Centre. About a block from the stadium ‘Spanky’ the scalper recognizes me, and all of a sudden I am in the most incredible seat – 10 rows behind home plate! The patchwork Jays scratched out a victory and it was a mystical summer night at the ballpark!

Saturday morning I joined up with Scott, and under the watchful eye of our publicity guru, we were on our way to the Havelock Country Jamboree in Havelock, Ontario. Turns out that lots of fans at Havelock are also Canadian Pickers fans, and they all wanted to say “hi” and get together for a picture! Lots and lots of fun! Backstage, we met George Canyon – a super talented performer, super nice guy, and he watches Pickers with his kids.

Saturday, night we had the privilege of introducing Lynyrd Skynyrd to a huge crowd, then enjoying the entire rockin’ set from the front row! The brew was flowing freely, and Scott and I explored the wild side of Havelock in the area aptly called ‘the Zoo’ – I have never seen anything like it. I didn’t realize it was 3 am until I got back to my hotel room!

The third season of Canadian Pickers premieres on tonight on History.

Mike Morrison


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