We can probably agree that the best part of Summer is the summer vacation. Remember how when we were kids, we’d always report back on the first day of school about all our great adventures that took place over the summer. It’s probably the first time as kids we really get to brag.

So this week, while I’m enjoying my summer vacation in Atlantic Canada, I’ve asked some cool Canadian celebrities to share their favourite summer vacation stories.

Today’s guest blogger is none other than Degrassi’s Cory Lee. On the show, she plays the smoking hot Tech teacher, but when she’s not wandering the halls of Canada’s most famous high school, Lee gets a summer vacation, just like any other teacher!

Take it away Cory:

Ever since moving to Toronto about 6 years ago I like to spend my summer vacation going home to Vancouver. I love home and miss my close family and friends when I’m hard at work in Toronto. I look forward to going home every summer to connect with everyone and enjoy Vancouver to it’s fullest. This summer is extremely exciting because I’m going to be an auntie and I can’t wait!! My Vancouver to do list always includes hanging with my fam, going to the Richmond Night Market, running along Spanish Banks, sipping my favorite coffee at Cafe Artigiano and eating as much amazing Vancity sushi as possible. If you haven’t taken a trip to Vancouver I highly recommend it especially in the summer when Vancouver is so beautiful.

Mike Morrison


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