After years and years of pretty much running this Bloggity ship by myself, I’ve finally decided to call in some help!  I needed someone that I could trust, someone that I knew would do a great job and most importantly someone that was super famous!

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m happy to present to you Mike’s Bloggity Blog first guest-blogger of 2011:

Stacey Farber from CBC’s 18-to-Life!

In her first blog post, Farber fill us in on some of her favourite things of the week!  (For those of you in the Toronto-area, there are some great tips if you want to get you Stacey Farber stalk-on!) She also jumps on the Lost-train and introduces me to something called a Clarisonic brush!

What I Loved This Week:

1) Type Books is a great bookstore in Toronto.  I’m currently reading, “Hooked: Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire, and the Urge to Consume,” which I bought there, ironically, on impulse.

2) “Lost” DVDS- I’m five years behind the times, but addicted nonetheless.

3) Guatemalan Slippers– Over the holidays, I spent a week in Belize and took a day trip to Guatemala to climb Mayan ruins.  I checked out a local market and purchased a pair of hand woven slippers—they’re rainbow-colored and very lightweight so for now, I’m wearing them around the house.

4) Leslieville’s Lady Marmalade is the ultimate brunch spot in Toronto.  I go there most Sundays for the ‘Avacado Bacon Benny,’ which comes with spiced home fries and the perfect side salad.  I clear my plate every time.

5) Downward Dog Yoga– I love their midday yoga classes for beginners.  The poses are difficult, but my flexibility and balance are improving.  Yoga has made me more aware of my breath and served me well in times of stress.

6) The Clarisonic brush is my favourite skincare tool.  The bristles rotate so it removes all traces of makeup and helps my skin to absorb overnight creams and serums.

7) “Village On A Diet” is a new program on CBC.  It’s like a ‘Biggest Loser’ makeover, but for an entire Canadian town! Shows like these are awesome because not only are they entertaining, they encourage viewers to exercise, eat right, and take better care of their health—common resolutions for 2011, I’m sure.

8- “Barneys Version”– I saw it over the weekend and loved it, but wished I had read the book first.  The movie was shot in Montreal and it portrays the city beautifully.

9) Jonathan and Olivia—One of my favourite stores in Canada and, as far as I know, the only one that sells ‘Topshop’ clothing.  I also love their scented ‘Malin + Goetz’ candles.  The store recently launched online and it ships orders across the country.

10) My boyfriend, Jordan—Also Canadian.

Hey not bad for her first time, eh?  Thanks so much Stacey!

Make sure you check out Stacey and co-star Michael Seater tonight on CBC’s 18 to Life!

Mike Morrison


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