I’m taking some time off this week, so I’ve asked some of my friends to step into my shoes and do a little guest blogging for me.  Luckily, I have some pretty cool friends, who will be  weighing in with some really interesting and fun posts.  Their writing assignment was to teach both you and I something.   Make sure you check back all week to read the special series:  I Can’t Believe You Don’t Know About…..
Today’s Guest Blogger is Taylor Barrie!  Take it away Taylor!

Hi Bloggity Blog readers! I’m really excited to be writing a guest post for Mike while he’s off trying not to burn his head in the Dominican.

I can’t believe you didn’t know about the Poler Napsack!.

Just when you thought the Snuggie had clocked out on its 15 minutes, along comes its Northern cousin – the Poler Napsack! It’s like the Snuggie but made for Canadian wilderness. Perfect for Rocky Mountain camping, the Poler Napsack is a hooded sleeping bag you can actually wear. Now, you literally don’t have to get out of bed in the morning.

Aside from the obvious awesomeness of the Napsack, here are some practical uses for the fluorescent orange, puffy, sleeping bag blanket:

1. Cozy-up around the campfire. All while still being able to move your arms to roast marshmallows.
2. Listen to music. Interior headphone holes let you rock out with the hood up.
3. Walk. A cinched bottom lets you expose your feet so you can go straight from camp fire to tent. This also means you can…
4. Pee. At night. While camping. (Need I stress the importance of this more?) You just stand up, hike that puppy up, and you’re relieving yourself all while tucked inside the comfort of your sleeping bag. Gross and great at the same time.
5. Get cozy with your camp-buddy. There are plenty of zippers and openings so, you know, go to it.
6. Couch surf. Pass out on your friend’s dingy couch without catching anything but a few Z’s.

I’m pretty excited to try out the latest in sleeping-bag-chic this summer. Although with a price tag of $130, the Poler Napsack might quickly become my new Sunday wardrobe as well.

Taylor Barrie is a full-time communications professional and part-time dance instructor in Calgary. She is
also newly addicted to camping. Follow Taylor on Twitter.


Thank you for this cool idea Taylor!  I had no idea this even existed…it’s so cool that I might think about going camping….I said might.

Mike Morrison


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  2. I can’t believe the Napsack wasn’t invented in Canada! I’m living in one of these next winter!

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