This week, I’m off to Europe to explore the history (and wine) of Prague, Vienna and Budapest. But rather than leave the blog all by itself to collect dust, I’ve asked some of my favourite Canadian TV personalities to take over Mike’s Bloggity Blog! Check back all week to hear about some of their favourite spring break stories!

Today’s guest blog post comes form HGTV’s Paul Lafrance, every say hi to Paul!:

One of my most memorable Spring Break experiences took place in my early 20’s. My wife, Janna,and I had just met and wanted to spend the vacation together, however, I had previously committed to a vacation down to Key West with a group of guy friends. Before leaving, I knew the timing wasn’t great, and Janna wasn’t thrilled that I was going, but I thought it was important that I stick with my plans and take the trip with the boys.

We drove for 30 straight hours, arriving at 2am. The first day, there we were on the beach, feeling amazing. In reality we looked like four Canadian pieces of shark meat because we were all so white, which is when we realized that none of us had remembered to bring sun block. No worries—one of the guys remembered to bring tanning oil. So we covered ourselves in it, thinking it would do the trick.

Being the inexperienced and highly enthusiastic tourists that we were, immediately after greasing ourselves up, we decided to go jet skiing. And not just any jet skiing, but in huge waves in the Gulf of Mexico for most of the morning. If you haven’t jet skied before, you perhaps don’t know just how badly it takes a toll on your core, quad, and leg muscles. It basically destroys them.

When we finished, we had been in the open water for hours under hot Florida sun, covered in tanning oil. We were all burnt to a crisp, some of the guys were blistered, and we could barely walk back to shore because our legs were so sore from the jet skis. It was the first morning of our epic men’s getaway, and we were in such horrible pain that we spent the next six days in misery.

We ended up leaving early to drive home, and it was my wife’s first ever epic ‘I told you so’. She still reminds me of that to this day.

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Mike Morrison

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