I’m taking some time off this week, so I’ve asked some of my friends to step into my shoes and do a little guest blogging for me.  Luckily, I have some pretty cool friends, who will be  weighing in with some really interesting and fun posts.  Their writing assignment was to teach both you and I something.   Make sure you check back all week to read the special series:  I Can’t Believe You Don’t Know About…..

Today’s Guest Blog comes from Mr Fabulous!  Take ‘er away Ryan!

I love travel and hands down one of the most picturesque travel destinations that screams ‘Canada’ has got to be Banff, and a visit wouldn’t be complete without a stay in one of the oldest, most beautiful hotels in the country. Listed as a world Heritage site: The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, opened in 1888 during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

But before you stay there, there is something you need to know, or more specifically, a room you need to know about

Room 873

The Missing Room.

The story goes, that decades ago family was killed in this room. After a lengthy investigation, the room was refurbished and booked out to travelers. Soon after, reports of disturbances flooded the front desk. As the rumor is told, guests would fall asleep only to be awoken by hollow screams, when the lights were turned on they would be startled to find bloody handprints on the mirrors inside the room. By the time staff could rush to the room to investigate, the prints would disappear.

In an effort to cover the horrific tale it was decided the room would be sealed. The door was removed, the opening covered with drywall flush to match the rest of the hallway.

It is undeniable that something has happened to room 873 and I questioned the tale on my latest trip to Banff.

Although the hotel employees are forbidden to speak of the room and when questioned, their scripted answer is as disturbing as the missing room itself, here are the facts.

  • There is a room ending in ’73’ on each floor and a room is located above and below missing room 873.
  • If you head down the hallway, there are only lights above each doorway. There is one above where the missing room’s door would be in the middle of the hallway.
  • The baseboard is cut where the door would’ve been.
  • If you knock on the walls they are made of thick plaster… As you knock down the hall on the 8th floor it suddenly changes to a ‘hollow’ sound right below the light where the door of room 873 would have existed… It continues for the length of a doorway.

So as you travel across our great country make sure to make a pit stop at the Fairmont Banff Springs, maybe you’ll get to the bottom of this creepy mystery! Or at the very least it’ll give you something to talk about as you enjoy their hot outdoor pool in the middle of a cold winter night.

Call him Mr. Fab, the writer of immrfabulous.com. He’s a blogger turned self manufactured socialite here to share some pretty exciting stories and adventures with his own readers. He always have something “fabulous” to talk about from pickles to parties… And he loves to travel!



Thanks Ryan!  It sounds a little too spooky for me.  Why don’t you stay there and make a Paranormal Activity-like movie?  Which I’ll be too scared to watch.


Mike Morrison


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