Dear Tivo,

Welcome to Canada.
It’s cold as fuck.


That is right ladies and gentlemen it was announced today that the TIVO is finally coming to Canada (except Quebec). I know what you are thinking, “But Michael, you already have TIVO, don’t you live in Canada?”

And the answer would be yes, but I kinda have it illeagly. Well, I guess it’s legal, but you could never by the actual system here in the great white north. I had to get my friend to go Montana and buy me one.

Since then my life has been taken over my this system that sits so nicely beside my TV. It tapes my shows without me having to remember, it tapes shows it thinks I will like, I can pause, rewind and ffwd live television. It even tapes two different shows at the same time, which is a godsend on Thursday nights. Plus the TIVO can store up to 80 hours of television, that is a lot of VHS tapes if you know what I mean.

To tell you the truth, I honestly get frustrated when I’m a friends house who doesn’t have TIVO or a similar PVR. You really forget what a convenience it is to be able to pause the TV whenever you have to run to the washroom, or when people swing by or call (the last two never really happen, but I imagine if they would it would be cool.)

I’m also proud of the fact that since getting my TIVO in March it has infected the minds of three people closest to me.  Rebecca (my old roomie), Sarah (my fake roomie) and Alison (my new roomie) all said they watched little to no TV, well that was until they met Mr. Tivo.  Now all of them watch more TV then they ever did.  While most people wouldn’t be proud of this.  I strangely am.

With TIVO arriving in stores in the next couple of weeks this makes a very very obvious Christmas present. Oh and even though I have one, I would still prefer another over something like this. (I’m just saying.)

Mike Morrison