Is it me or is the drama behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy more exciting than the drama on the screen? Rumors have been swirling all over the net today saying the Katherine Heigl and TR Knight are leaving the medical drama by the end of the season.

Boringly enough ABC isn’t saying anything.

But luckily for us James Pickens Jr (the chief) is!

In an interview with US WEEKLY (why was he talking to them?), Pickens said that Izzie and George were checking out of Seattle Grace and that he wished them the best.


Heigl’s decision sorta makes sense, but Knight’s career looks a little more uncertain. But since he only had one line is last week’s episode it’s not really surprising.

This is good news for the writers as both of these characters have kinda done everything they are going to do. And since Grey’s already has so many regular cast members, this means that hopefully the writers can focus more on it’s core characters!

What do you think? Are Heigl and Knight making the right decision?
Will they go the way of George Clooney or Gabrielle Carteris?

Mike Morrison