On November 29th, Calgary will be hosting the CFL’s Grey Cup. Apparently that is a game or tournament or something, in which football is played. I’m wikipeding it as soon as I’m done this blog post.

Anyway, it was just announced that during the halftime show, one of my favourites, Blue Rodeo will be entertaining the crowd. While I’m not expecting the same sort of spectacle or wardrobe malfunctions that the Superbowl is known for, Blue Rodeo certainly makes me want to consider maybe finding out what time the game is on so I could possibly watch it.
What makes this performance really cool is that the band is letting the audience decide the three-song playlist. The songs that you can choose from are:
Lost Together, Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, Rose Coloured Glasses, Heart Like Mine, Diamond Mine, Trust Yourself, C’mon, ‘Til I Am Myself Again, Walk Like You Don’t Mind and Head Over Heels.

Here is the website that you can cast your votes, voting closes on November 20th.

Mike Morrison