Earlier this afternoon, I walked though The Core (a mall in downtown Calgary) and saw a bunch of people standing around waiting for something.  I was with a friend who asked, ‘Why are all these people standing around?’  I told her that there was going to be a flashmob in a few minutes and kept walking.  She was confused, ‘Aren’t flashmobs supposed to be surprises?’ My response: “Exactly.”

While I admire the hard work that probably goes into organizing a Flashmob, I’m wondering if the annoying new trend can PLEASE go away…at least for a little bit?  If people are standing around with cameras, while warming up their dance moves, while dozens of people are just standing around, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a FLASH-mob.  When there are flash-floods, it’s not like the water makes a general announcement, ‘Hey citizens of low lying areas, I’m about to wash away your houses and probably kill a bunch of you, just thought you should know.’  I mean really at some point, these dance numbers are just that, dance numbers.  And that’s not a bad thing.  I’m totally cool with people dancing in public, all the power to you.  Thanks to over saturation, unless it is pulled off to perfection, any flashmob now seems like it was organized by our parents for our twelve birthday.

In the past few months, Calgary has been subjected to flashmob, after flashmob, after flashmob (okay, the last one is pretty cool) and no one seems to be noticing that they simply don’t hold the impact they did last year. We’re a fast moving society, can’t those in the PR biz find new ways to engage us?

We’re a creative city, instead of just copying everyone else, why don’t we start dancing to our own drummer?

But maybe I’m wrong, have your say:

Mike Morrison


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