This post is sponsored by ATB Financial

I’m so excited about this campaign with ATB that is all about helping Albertans reach their goals.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about growing up is that everyone’s goals are different, because we all have different backgrounds and aspirations. For some, a financial goal is finally tackling their student loans, or maybe it’s buying a home. I think for a lot of Albertans, it’s probably both. For you, a financial goal might be going on that dream trip to Europe, or quitting your job and finally starting your own business.

At ATB, they have all the experts and expertise to help you reach your goals. They’ll listen to you plans – no matter how immediate or lofty – and help you come up with a realistic plan. Trust me – I experienced this firsthand when I participated in the Savings Sedan this fall. ATB scooped me up in its decked out taxi cab, where I got the chance to talk to ATB Mastery Coach, Gaynor Levisky about my savings goals while headed to my favourite coffee shop.

Gaynor and I talked about what happiness means for me, as well as what I’m saving for. For me, happiness is making sure I’m doing what I feel like I’m supposed to be doing both personally and professionally and not being scared of taking risks. We talked about how, as an entrepreneur, a goal of mine is to achieve a bit more stability. The constant question I have is – do I have to say yes to all the things I’m saying yes to, or will saying no to some things ultimately lead to bigger yeses?

Whether you’re a master of money or find money management intimidating, from their Live Chat, to their entrepreneurial centres (where you can often find me working!), ATB wants to help your goals become a reality, probably sooner than you ever thought possible.

And ATB is helping one lucky Albertan kick-start their goals with a $10,000 prize for their What Are You Saving For? contest! Yes, you read that right, $10,000. I can tell you this much, when I decided to make this blog my full time job, $10,000 would have been exactly what I needed to give me the confidence and security I would need to feel like I could really make a go of it.

So, now that $10,000 is in play, the question is again: What are you saving for?
Me? Taxes, like all the time.

No one tells you when you start a business how complicated it is to stay on top of taxes.
But that’s not the fun stuff to save for, so I certainly have some goals. Some are more immediate, and others are further down the road, but I can’t help but note how fast time is moving, and that further down the road will be here sooner than you think!


This year, I’d like to buy a new computer. I’ve been working on the same one since I left my job four years ago, and I’m almost embarrassed that my job as a full-time blogger is with the same computer! And if I go into Best Buy one more time to look at the Pixelbook, I’m pretty sure they are going to escort me out. The other day, I swear I heard one of them say to another employee, “He’s okay, he’s just looking. He’s always just looking.” So my immediate goal is to get a computer.

A bigger goal for the next few years is to go on a big vacation with my parents. They live on the other side of the country and while we’re lucky to see each other a few times a year, going away together is definitely a dream of mine. The four of us all get along well, and as long my mom and I have a glass of wine in our hands, we’re pretty easily pleased. So whether it’s a European cruise or a just a weekend away in the Rockies, I definitely want to spend more time with them.


My five year-ish goal probably has to do with our house. We renovated a 100-year-old home last year and that pretty much wiped out anything resembling a savings account. But you know, I don’t mind. Because I love our home. But that being said, it still needs some love, because ancient windows ain’t cutting it during Alberta’s winters.

And what about way down the road? They say money can’t buy you happiness. I disagree. And I intend to prove it. 😉

So what are you waiting for? ATB has a $10,000 prize to giveaway and all you have to do is enter. Not to sound like a cheesy 50s infomercial, but somebody has to win it, so why not you? Ten thousand dollars is a life-changing amount of money, so gather your thoughts and be sure to enter. ATB is asking that you get creative with your story. Write it out. Or make a video. Record an audio clip. Show them what you’ll do with the money. The most inspiring story takes the prize.

I’m honestly so excited for people to enter. Because even if you don’t win, taking time to think about your life and what you want from it, is pretty valuable. Not $10,000 valuable, But valuable.

Mike Morrison