After 7 long weeks Gossip Girl is finally back on the regular TV schedule!

But wait, don’t get too excited to have the guys and girl from the Upper East Side back in your life.
I actually had to the chance to catch this week’s episode entitled The Age of Dissonance is one of the most confusing shows I’ve seen of this two-year old series. And this is Gossip Girl we are talking about here people, this isn’t Lost, this show should be easy to understand.
Here are my questions:
  • Since when were Blair, Serena, Dan and Nate actors?  What is this Save By The Bell?  Are they going to be in a band next week?
  • Did I miss what is going on with Chuck?  All of a sudden trying to fly to Brazil with a secret girl.  But some other guy shows up and has a mysterious tattoo.  Seriously? Did I miss something?
  • Why would Serena fall for such an obviously gay director?  Does gaydar not work in the Upper East Side?
  • Was Laura Breckenridge the only actress the CW could find to play Rachel?  How can she be a teacher when even Jenny looks older than her? Not that I am a casting director, if they liked Breckenridge so much, they should have saved her to be a new college friend and cast someone else to be the teacher?  
I’m hoping this slightly disappointing episode is just the writers setting something up, if it gets any more confusing, I’m going to need one of those annoying refresher episodes.

Mike Morrison