>We are only four sleeps away from the Season 2 premiere of Gossip Girl.  You’ve heard of that show right?  It’s that huge show that everyone talks about even though it’s ratings are as scarce as the remaining hair on my head.

Baldness aside (thank you very much), I’m pretty pumped for the premiere of this show on Monday night on the CW, which also premieres the new 90210 the very next night!
So pumped in fact that there is a 5 minute re-cap/openening scenes of the GG floating around the internet and I’m not going to watch it.  No my friends, I’m going to wait until Monday night when I have my glass of room temperature milk, popcorn with salt&vinegar flavor and my big comfy couch.
But if you want to watch it, go ahead.  Just be sure to be careful who is watching behind you, the opening scenes looks STEAMY…as witnessed by the screen capture of the video posted below.  What is he looking at down there?  Oh never mind, I got it.

Mike Morrison