Today is both a happy and sad day.

Later on this afternoon, I will be picking up my brand new car. It’s an 2009 Honda Civic and it’s name is amazing. It is my dream car and I’m so freaking excited to pick it up.

But since I already have a car, that means I will sadly being saying goodbye to Sally The Sexy Saturn.  Or Sally for short.

So on Monday night, I took my very first car out to the mountains for one last day together. We picked up some McDonald’s at our favorite drive-thru and headed out to Bragg Creek. The drive was great. The weather was beautiful, the roads were empty and the music was the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs.  
While I was driving I was thinking about all the poignant things I was going to write about on the blog.  But then I pulled over and we watched the sunset together over the mountains and none of it really mattered.  
I NEVER thought that I would be this worked up over losing my first car.  EVER.  But I am.  Since moving to Calgary four years ago, she has been the one consistent.  TV shows have been canceled, hairline’s have disappeared, jobs of changed and so have address’.  But sally?  Nah, she hasn’t changed at all.
Here are some of my memories of Sally, The Sexy Saturn.

  • There was the time when we were driving across the country and took off a poor bird’s wing with the antenna.
  • One time I thought Sally was stolen. Turns out I forgot to pay registration and she was towed.
  • I didn’t originally own Sally. I bought her brother, Hank.  But the dealer crashed Hank on his way to me. So,  I ended up with Sally.
  • She has a popcorn stain in the back seat from my first drive in movie. It was Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and she was only 2 days old.
  • She’s been to every province except PEI and the Territories.
  • Getting lost in the mountains more times than not.
  • The time the keys got stuck in the on position and I couldn’t turn her car off.
It’s been a great four years with the Saturn.  Hey, I bet I’m the first person to ever say that.  But Sally has been good to me and I know that she’ll be good to whoever buys her next.  Sally did want me to say goodbye to all of my friends and anyone that has ever had the pleasure of riding her….wait that sounded inappropriate.
Just the way she liked it.

Mike Morrison

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  1. Enjoyed looking through this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “If it was an overnight success, it was one long, hard, sleepless night.” by Dicky Barrett.

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