>All this week, (while I’m STILL in New Brunswick), I’ve been going to my nephew’s hockey games. I’m from a hockey family, so I’ve spent more than enough time in a hockey rink, but things are different than I was a kid watching hours of my brothers play the Canadian past time.

Now-a-days these hockey kid’s parents are INTENSE. They yell, they scream, they try to live vicariously through their ten year-old kids. Its all a little too much for me. But then again, every time my nephew scores a goal, I cry. So I think some of the parents might be yelling a little bit at me.
But none of these parents compare to the mother in this video. This lady goes nuts and it’s a wonder to behold. I so wish I was the one that got to film this lady go ape-shit. I would have had tears rolling down my face from both laughter and horror.
Thanks to out is through for the video!
Just a warning, this is DEFINITELY not safe for work!

Mike Morrison