So did you watch Glee last night?

How many times did you cry?
What? How many times did I cry? None. Once. Okay, fine, twice. After Rachel’s solo and after they sung, You Can’t Always Get Want You Want. I was like a proud bald father.
Fox says the show won’t be back until April, but with so many of their shows already tanking, I’m going to make a bold prediction and say that Glee will be back on the air in February.
The show makes so much money for FOX. I mean they’ve already released two soundtracks (Vol.2 came out Tuesday) and the DVDs come out on December 29th. Plus the songs from the show occupy an astonishing 23 spots on the Itunes Top 200 singles. Nope, that is not a typo!!!!
What I found funny about the finally is that you can tell that creator, Ryan Murphy, was a little nervous that the show wouldn’t get picked up. It just wrapped itself in too neat of a bow. A trend we’ve already seen with another on-the-bubble show, Being Erica. But Glee is no longer on the bubble and it’s easily the most talked about show of the season!
I’m so glad that so many of you decided to give Glee a chance, I wonder how many of us will be getting the CDs in our stockings this year!
See you in April Glee (but probably February!)

Mike Morrison