Monday’s suck. 

Make it a little better by putting a little GLEE in it.
Over the couple of weeks, you are going to become sick without how much I talk about GLEE, the new show on Fox and Global TV.  The networks aired a preview episode back in May, but now we are only a few weeks away from the full-fledged series.
If you didn’t watch it, or like me, want to watch it over and over, you can now watch it on Global’s website.
This is such a fun and easy show to watch.  Plus can we talk about the musical numbers?  AMAZING.  The show premieres on Sept.9.  Watch it or you’ll be missing out on another great show that will probably be gone far too soon.  ***cough***arrested development, veronica mars***cough***
In the meantime, listen to this awesome version of Don’t Stop Believin’ sung by the Glee class.

Mike Morrison