Sometimes I just don’t get people. I just don’t understand how people decide to spend their hard earned money when it comes to the movie theatres.

And this past weekend was no different. The number one movie was the teen thriller 21. I don’t have a problem with this as much as I have a problem with the fact that another great movie got shunned by North America.

The movie I’m talking about is Run, Fat Boy, Run and it stars and was written by one of my favorite british actors Simon Pegg. You might not know his name but you know his movies. His most popular creation was the genius Shaun of the Dead. He followed it up with the barely watch but even funnier Hot Fuzz. I remember seeing Hot Fuzz in the theatre. It was barely half full and my friend and I laughed and laughed and laughed. No one else did.

I was so disappointed when that movie didn’t really take off. I couldn’t figure out why? Was it because Matthew Macaughey wasn’t in it? Was it because it wasn’t a direct spoof of movies that we paid to see 6 weeks before? This movie was funny. No doubt about it.

I had high expectations for Run, Fatboy, Run because, for me, Simon is on a hot streak. His movies are fresh, fun, original, not american and produce some solid belly fall out of your chair laughs.

So imagine my disappointment when the box office final weekend numbers came in a couple of hours ago and not only did the movie fail to draw much money it…well…it pretty much bombed with only 2.4 Million Dollars and only a $2,109 per screen average. Which, in case you didn’t know, is not good. Not good at all. It didn’t even make the Top 10.

But on Friday night I saw Run, Fatboy Run, and I loved it. It was hilarious and while it might be a little predictable, it still has it’s own little twists and I’m going to be honest…I did cry a little bit. Both because of laughing and sappiness.

(side note: Do you have a Scene card? You should totally get one because I actually got to see the movie for free by using my card! And no, this isn’t a plug. I just like free movies)

If you are looking to see a fun movie that doesn’t really rely on dirty sex jokes or terrible sight gags just to get a cheap laugh.

Simon Pegg is one of the world’s funniest and most reliable actor/writers. Let’s just hope the Star Trek fans hope so.

Mike Morrison