>Tonight’s American Idol promises to have me in puddles of my own tears, and this time not because of Sunjaya is singing. But because it is the first annual American Idol Gives Back. I knew would be an American Idol like no other, but I didn’t expect to be crying within the first couple of minutes. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for a Coldplay Medley.

Chris is up first and wait, what’s that. Where is the naseley Chris that caused so much controversy last week? Looks like someone was listening to the Simon. I like his version of Clapton’s Change the World, because it is so different from the original and he made it is own, which because he already gets compared to Justin, is a good thing.

Between performances we are treated to another American Idol segment. I have to say I really do respect that this cause is also going to give back Americans that also need as much as help as they can get.

On a sarcastic bastard note: Atlanta. The most beautiful city in the world? Really?

Melinda comes up next. Did she say this is a Faith Hill song? Quick, let me rewind. One sec. Yup, she sure did. Weird, I’ve never heard of this song. But Melinda is singing it, so I’m happy. This was another great song by Melinda. You know one of those songs that can make a difference. I can’t wait to hear it again. Thanks TIVO.

Sarcastistic Bastard Note: Dear Ryan, can you not make homosexual jokes about Simon, during American Idol Gives Back? Thanks.

I’m very excited that Blake is singing this song. It is such a powerful song, hopefully it is not to powerful for him. I think Blake played smartly by toning down the hair gel and his overall look. Nothing like pulling off the “looking humble” look, by pretending to look humble. During this song I noticed something. I have no idea what Blake sounds like. Sure he usually does great stuff, but I wouldn’t never be able to pick one of his songs off of the radio. I hope this doesn’t hurt him. Have you noticed this?

Lakisha is up next. She obviously didn’t learn her lesson that singing a former American Idol’s winning song doesn’t always pay off. Although “I believe” is a way better choice than white, skinny, country Carrie Underwood. Hearing this song makes me remenice about Diana Degarmo. Ahh memories. Oh look, she got a standing ovation before the song even wrapped up. That’s gotta mean good things right?

Sarcastic Bastard Note: Do you think that if Lakisha wasn’t on the show, she would be one of the thousands of people that would be benefiting from it? Oh, I’m going to hell.

Did I ever tell you what my favorite songest ever is? It’s “The Change.” Seriously, this song rocked my world and it still does. I don’t know how I feel about Phil singing it? Obviously he rock the hell out of the big ballady notes, but his messing with the Garth. Which doesn’t go down in my good books. But a brilliant song chose not the less. Well played Phil, well played.

If there was ever a night tailored for Jordin Sparks, it is tonight. She loves the ballads and as we have noticed, ballads love her. I had never heard of this song either, but it didn’t really matter. WOWZER. Do you think Jordin might actually win this thing? WOW!

So the first hour of American Idol Give Back is done and we got another two house tomorrow night. Stars gracing the stage tomorrow night include: Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Bono, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightly, Earth Moon Wind and Fire (random), and of course BORAT!


Bottom 3: This is soooo hard.

Bottom 2:

Going Home?
So hard……….Lakisha? I honestly, I have no clue!

Mike Morrison