Are you still watching Being Erica?
You aren’t?
Well why the hell not?

The show is still one of the most enjoyable shows out there and the fact that the show is Canadian just makes it that much sweeter.

CBC moved the struggling drama out of it’s killer monday timeslot (Two and A Half Men, 24, The Bachelor) last week to it’s new Wednesday home. That means that today and tomorrow you have to go and catch up on Being Erica online and settle in for a great hour of television on Wednesday night.

And no I’m not just writing this because I want series star Erin Karpluk to be my real friend so very desperately. And I don’t just mean on Facebook, I want to be like her real friend. Like call eachother and talk about our days or dates. Kinda like Macauly Culkin and that weird girl in My Girl.

No, I’m writing this because this show is really fun and it deserves a chance. Just like me and Erin.

Mike Morrison