>Last night was the boys turn on Canadian Idol and now it’s the Top 11 girls.
Why am I even watching this show. Just give the damn thing to Carly Raie already!

Let’s recap:

Kellie Pickler is up first…oh I mean Tara Oram is up first and starts us off with a nice country song. I can’t think of a previous Canadian with a hardcore country contestant so her and her cowboy boots are welcome into the mix.

Martha Joy has the dubious honour of being the 16 year old that looks 27 and has a way too close connection to her mom. She also picks a song from the over played Idol playbook by singing “I don’t want to miss a thing.” But I’ll give her props because she actually does a great job with it. She changed it up just enough to make it her own. I don’t really remember her from the auditions but I really enjoy her voice. Let’s hope she is memorable enough.

Montana and her new makeover are up after Martha. Montana is by far the most famous of the Top 22, thanks to her scene stealing tears during the Top 100. Apparantly she has the same stylists as Derek and Liam. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of the song she sang before but you couldn’t help that she by far got the biggest production values during her performance. Gee I wonder who is the producers favorite.

Mila (nee Kamila) has big hair and a big voice. I certainly never knew a 17 year old that looked and sounded like her when I was kid! Man, what is in the water in Toronto?

Maud is next. She has the dubious honor of being Vote for the Worst first victim/selection. And although I don’t think she is the worst, her version of the Cranberries classic made me want to snap her right arm off or at the very least get her to keep it at her side. Sheesh, it was distracting, and why did it look like she was trying to shit the whole time.

Calgary’s Annika Odegard tries to outshine Melissa O’Neil has our new Idol. And jdging from her first performance she is going to have a little bit of work to do. I still can’t believe a voice as mature as hers can come out of a 16 year old! Man, what as I doing when I was 16? Playing the Sim City 2? Yikes. Good Job Anika, we should see you next week.

The joy of the night is up, Naomi Joy. Keen readers will remember that I called her success back during the audition rounds. Your welcome. I like Naomi because you can tell how professional she is. Plus she chose a Whitesnake song! Are you kidding me!? That’s awesome. Although I like the Rock thing she has going, I can’t wait to see her singing the amazing ballad you know she has coming.

Christine Hanlon has my favorite voice of the girls. Too bad she comes off so boring. She is so boring that she only got one back up singer. Where did the other girl go? Did she have better things to do? I certainly should. Oh and Christine just cause you stare into the camera doesn’t make you sexy. It makes you awkward.

The very lucky Scarlett next. Why isn’t everyone picking songs I’ve never heard of? Am I in a bubble? I mean this is pop music right? I should know this stuff. Am I the only one who thinks she is maybe just a little sad to be brought back cause she has to hang out with creepy Deryk who spells his name wrong? Definitely a great voice though.

Khalila and her hair extensions is up after Scarlotte. She has an interesting song choice by choosing Pink’s “Family Portrait” Hmm. I think I like it. Out of the R&B singers she is definitely the strongest, but tonight that is not a very hard title to win at all.

Alright folks this is it. My girl Carly Raie? Is it too much to ask that she sings “Breathe” again. I guess it is. I usually am writing during the performances, but not with Carly. I just sit and watch. Hole in one Carly, hole in one. Call me?

So that’s it!

So who is going home?
Maud: Because her performance made me feel awkward.
I probably would say Anika, but she has such huge support here in Calgary I think that might leave Christine vulnerable.

Mike Morrison