Since celebrating my one year anniversary in Calgary one month ago, I’ve been very reflective, and I don’t mean from my bald head (buhdabum..that’s supposed to be that drum noise for a joke……) I figured Halloween should be no different. I’m not wearing a costume today, although I did wear an orange scarf to work today, and my roomate and I were going to give out candy, but stupid John Corbett and his movie put a kabosh on that, so instead I’m left with my thoughts of Halloweens past.

The earliest I can remember is elementary. I remember I dressed up as dracula for 4 straight years. A precursor to my adoration of Buffy? Pehaps, however it is more likely that my mom found it just easier to recycle the same costume, luckily my fear of washrooms, meant I never removed the make up throughout the year, thus making it alot easier the next Halloween.

After the makeup started to mold, my mom and I thought it best to try something different. We moved onto those rubber masks that everyone tries on in the store and you don’t think about the germs until you are older. Anyways, I bought this one mask, in which I wore for three straight Halloweens, until one year I came home from trick or treating and watched R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask. Needless to say the mask was cut up and in the garbage before the end of the episode.

In Junior High, I made the mistake of going to the Halloween dance as a giant cupcake. Needless to say it was my nickname until I graduated high school. Sometimes when I run into people from FHS on the streets of Calgary, I’m reminded still of this crucial life defining social faux pas. However, I still remembered defending myself when people would say, “Hey Muffin Man!” I would yell back: “It was a cupcake!”. I oozed coolness.

My last Halloween costume memory was about 3 years ago when I was working at a pub for Halloween. My initial costume was simply a cowboy. I bored with this easily, I quickly changed my Halloween identity to The Cowboy…from Joe Millionaire 2. (You can see the obvious similarities) Luckily that Halloween was also Tube Top Tuesday, so luckily the eyes were not on my spurs.
Tonight I plan on watching the special effects for the movie filming from my balcony. Ocassionally we will throw candy down on John Corbett. I think he’ll like that.

Mike Morrison