This post is sponsored by TELUS as a part of my year-round partnership with them.

“What kind of tools do you own?”
“There’s different types?”

That’s normally how conversations around tools and pretty much any type of general labour go with me.  To say I’m handy, would be a lie. To say I keep what tools I do have in a wicker basket under the bed, would be more accurate.

But sometimes, you gotta get your hands dirty, especially when it’s for a good cause.

For the past two years, I’ve been a TELUS Partner and one of my favourite things they do as a company is their TELUS Days of Giving, which take place throughout the months of May and June.  Together as a company, TELUS employees and partners work together across the country to help give where they live. And if I’m going to sweat once or twice a year, it might has well be with TELUS and for a good cause.   

So I put on clothes that I was okay with getting dirty and headed down to TELUS Spark to help get their year-round playground ready for a summer of fun.  If you’ve never been, the park is called The Brainasium and features everything from a teeter-totter built for six to a 93-foot logjam and the most epic slide you’ve ever seen.  

But after a classic Alberta winter filled with snow and frigid temps, the park needed a little TLC. So me, some awesome folks from TELUS and my fellow TELUS partner Heydy Lopez got down to business and got a hands really dirty.  

Throughout the afternoon, we worked a few different projects including sanding down a pretty big wooden structure, scrubbing down rubber tires that will be re-purposed as a piece of art and a few other tasks.  Other volunteers rebuilt a fence and started building a new maze!

Helping TELUS get the park ready for the summer is just of the things that TELUS and its employees do year-round to help make life better in Canada. In fact, this year, they are celebrating being the #mostgivingcompany in Canada, and the have the proof to back it up. Since 2000, TELUS has contributed $1.2 billion to charitable organizations in Canada, including $682 million in financial support and 10 million hours of volunteerism. This past year alone, TELUS has given $150 million to Canadian charitable organizations to create stronger, healthier communities, and impacted two million youth through the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, establishing TELUS as the #MostGivingCompany in Canada.

TELUS doesn’t want to toot their own horn, but I’m happy to.  It’s why I’m so excited to work with them throughout the year. If you know me at all, you know that giving back to the community is basically what gets me out of the bed in the morning, so working with a company that’s this charitable is a no-brainer.

Over the next little while, I look forward to sharing all the different ways TELUS is making a difference from coast to coast to coast, but for now, next time you head to TELUS Spark, check out The Brainasium and if you something that looks like it was poorly sanded, then you’ll know I was there. It’s sorta my calling card.

Thanks for the opportunity to give back to my community, TELUS.  

Mike Morrison