>This past weekend, The Daily Gleaner, the paper from my hometown (whaddup Fredericton), did the weirdest thing:

They did a story on me.

Talk about a slow news day right?

But to honest, the whole thing was fun to do. I did the interview with the hilarious Laverne Stewart back in December and then a kick ass photographer by the name of Stephen MacGillivray came to my parent’s house and we did a little photoshoot over the Christmas break.

The online story only has one picture but the hard copy has very (from what I hear) very nice pictures, including one of me and Ray Charles my mother.

I wanted to take a moment to thank every single one of my friends and family who make things like this completely happen. I thank my lucky few remaining hairs every day and I appreciate all the amazing comments all weekend long!

Thanks again!

Maybe now MTV Live call.

Mike Morrison