>We haven’t even got to this year’s Junos and they are already for the next one!

Last night, at the Toronto Board of Trade’s 122nd Annual Dinner, it was announced that Toronto will play host to the 2011 Junos! The event will also mark the award’s 40th anniversary!
I’ve always said that I love the Junos because how much they support independent music. I’m excited that so many great Canadian musicians will get to play in Junofest in Canada’s biggest city, where there will probably be reps and agents from all the major Canadian labels. If you are a musician, start planning your Nickelback-esque song.
This is the first time the Junos have been in Toronto in about ten years. And according to the National Post, the music scene has changed a little bit since then:
“The last time the Junos took place in Toronto the awards were hosted by erstwhile tween-pop sensations The Moffats while the show was held in something called the “Skydome.” Bryan Adams won the award for Best Male Artist, someone named Tal Bachman won Best New Solo Artist and promptly went missing, and Matthew Good won for Best Group when he still had one. “

And in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, I’m soooooo excited for this year’s Junos in St. John’s!!!

Mike Morrison