Avid readers will remember that a couple months ago I wrote about how one of Calgary’s biggest radio stations had a couple of practices, that I found slightly annoying. They included calling Calgary “the greatest city on earth”, playing Nickleback probably more than Nickleback’s parents play Nickleback and their frustrating Vibe VIP club.

When I wrote that I was pretty much done with Vibe. They had taken over my life and we were done…or so I thought.

I’m not sure how exactly it happened but Vibe 98.5 has slowly crept back into my life.

It all started last week with checking out The Vibe 98.5 $100,000 Star Search. I surprisingly enjoyed the competition and I have been one of those people that has been on their site all week voting to make sure that a certain “Sunjaya”-type band doesn’t win over the obviously more talented competitors.

Three days after the competition, I was listening to the station while making supper. (I blame my stupid radio for only being able to pick up the Vibe and what I can only assume is a Ukranian Polka radio station.) While I was settling down to eat my Kraft dinner and Hot Dogs a contest came on the radio. It was called “Going to the Movies, Going to the Movies”. To my surprise, I actually knew the answer to the movie themed triva question and called in. To add my surprise I actually got through and won tickets to see a sneak peek of “Knocked Up!”

I was starting to notice a trend that everything seemed to be coming up Vibe. It only got worse, early on in the week the morning show introduced a Facebook competition in which those that created groups supporting them getting back stage passes to meet Gwen Stefani would have the chance to win passes if their group was one of the Top 5 biggest groups.

Never being able to turn down a challenge I quickly created a group and decided that if I won the tickets I would donate them to the amazing charity Kids Up Front. Within the last six days my group has grown to over 1300 members and growing by the hour! But am I winning? No. But I’m in a close 6th, and people are asking a lot of questions about the charity, so begrudgingly I have to say thanks to VIBE again. Sigh.

Tonight I attended the film premiere for which I won tickets. The theatre was packed with people that had also won tickets. Knowing promotions like I do, I knew there would be prizes. Some of the pretty VIBE ladies were even giving away condoms, barely even able to say the word aloud, I passed on those. But then there were prize bags and I knew I had to have one. As soon as the MC starting asking the trivia question to win the prize my hand was up, I’m no contest amateur. You always raise your hand before the question is done, it’s just how you win. I ended up winning the prize package which was filled with promotional hats and t-shirts and…gasp…condoms.

On the way home I was talking to my roomie about how inundated my life had become with the radio station that had once called me out on air to call in and defend my previous arguments. I became reflective. Had my opinion of the Vibe finally changed? Were the movie tickets, gift bag, star search excitement and possible Gwen Stefani tickets enough to sway my opinion. For a second I thought that maybe the Vibe holds my humble blogger opinion in such high regard that maybe this was all a set up, you know to win me back. My roommate hitting me in the back of the head quickly snapped me back to reality. I decided that I would let the radio Gods decide. I told my roomie that if, when I turned on the Vibe, they were playing Nickleback or Akon that my opinions and frustrations would remain unchanged. I reached for the radio dial and tuned it to 98.5 FM. Ahhh just what I thought……

Oh and feel free to join my group (hee hee)

Mike Morrison