>Is your TV schedule full? Do you find you barely have time to watch the shows your already love and couldn’t imagine fitting another one in? Well to bad because with the premiere of Drive this Sunday on Fox, you better make room for one more.

Those Canadians who were lucky enough to be home alone on a Friday night were treated to the 2-hour premiere of this exciting show a whole 2 days before our American counterparts. Blame CTV’s already congested schedule for the early premiere and trust me make sure you make room for it this Sunday or at the very least on your DVR.

The premise of the show is simple. Dozens of different characters are mysterious recruited to participate in an illegal cross-country race for a prize of $36 million. The show stars Buffy/Firefly/Serenity alumni Nathan Fillion as a man who thinks the race will help him find his kidnapped wife (Angel’s Amy Acker). If that is not enough Joss Whedon for you, the show is created by Tim Minear (Angel, Firefly and Wonderfalls).

The show is a mix of The Amazing Race (when it was good), Lost (except you actually learn stuff in the flashbacks) and 24 (you know most of the characters will end up 6 ft under.) It is very exciting with lots of twist and turns with lots of cool car chases and cooler characters.

My favorite character is Wendy Patrakas,the minivan mom who seems to be racing to get away from her past. In the first 2 hours her character is faced with some pretty big decisions in the first couple of hours and I loved the way actress Melanie Lynsky could still make us love her character even though we barely know her. Lynskey left her role on the hit Two and a Half Men for this part, so let’s hope she made the right decision.

Parts of this show are a little cheesy, but it’s a cross country race for god sakes, the coolness factor far our weighs the cheese factor. Of course of I’m a little nervous for the plot, how long is this race going to be? Will there be a new race next year if the show gets picked up, or will it just go on forever and ever. But in a TV world of Prison Break and 24s, I’ve decided not to worry of such questions. Either way, I’ll definitely be watching.

If you are looking for a little more excitement with your drama, Drive will definitely be up your alley (Pun!). The 2 hour premiere on Fox will be this Sunday before it moves to it’s regular time before 24 on Monday nights. CTV will be airing it on Friday nights.

Mike Morrison