Woah!  Did the Genies  just get cool?  Or at least cooler?

It was announced today that this year’s “Canadian Oscars” will feature performances from Melissa Ethridge, Selena Ryder and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet!  Ethridge and Ryder and currently across the country together and will actually perform their duet “Broken Heart Sun”, for the first time together on TV.

With the added bonus of William Shatner hosting, will this be the year that people finally tune into the Genies?

Probably not.  But it’s a start. The Junos are a fantastic example of being able to become a cool awards show, I’m hoping the Genies (and Geminis) aren’t that far away!

The Genies will be broadcast live from Ottawa on March 10 on CBC.

Mike Morrison


  1. I didn´t pay attention to the camera gear. At all. I was distracted by the ice cold glass of Coke. At least i thought it was coke. Damn you – i wanted that coke for the whole 15 minutes! And then it was coffee! I go and get an icecold coke-coffee now!

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