Holy Danger Bay! We are only TWO nights away from the GEMINIS! I can’t believe it’s here already!
All week long I’ve been covering the nominees and looking at who will win and who should win.

Take a minute to look at the female acting noms, male acting noms and hosting/anchoring nominations.
Let’s wrap this up this week, by looking at the best programs of the year!
Best Comedy Program or Series
Less Than Kind
Rick Mercer Report
This House Has 22 Minutes
Three Chords from the Truth

Will Win: Who doesn’t love Rick Mercer? I think he pretty much has it in the bag, it’s easily the most wide-reaching and funny show on Canadian Television. Less Than Kind isn’t funny, Testees and Three Chords from the Truth aren’t well-known enough and This House Has 22 Minutes is way too old.
Should Win: I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t think Rick Mercer deserves this. Unless they are the producers of the other nominated shows.
Best Dramatic Mini-Series
Burn Up
The Last Templar
Will Win: The story of Burn Up about an oil industrialist, an environmental activist and a politician that are in conflict during a climate change summit, is something that Canadians are passionate about, probably passionate enough to award it the Gemini.
Should Win: Diamonds was fantastic and it’s production values were amazing, so good that even ABC picked it up to playing during this past summer. Though it may suffer from too many good choices to choose from.
Best Dramatic Series
Being Erica
The Border
The Tudors
ZOS: Zone of Separation
Will Win: Flashpoint or The Tudors. Both of these shows should be rewarded for increasing exposure of great Canadian shows. If I had to bet my life savings….Flashpoint. But it will be close.
Should Win: I know you thought I was going to say Being Erica in the “will win” category, so I’ll say it here. Who knew that a show about time-traveling would be the most accurate portrayal of post Canadian University=life on TV.
Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series
Billable Hours
Da Kink in My Hair
This House Has 22 Minutes
Three Chords from the Truth.
Will Win: Tough call on this one this one too. I’m going to go with the hilarious cast from Rent-A-Goalie.
Should Win: I know I don’t seem like it, but I’m a sorta a sympathetic guide. This is Da Kink In My Hair’s only nomination. If they can be optimistic, so I can I.

Mike Morrison