CraveTV made a big announcement today, as it will soon start streaming newer HBO shows like Girls, The Leftover, Silicon Valley, Vice Principals, Ballers, The Young Pope, oh and some indie show called Game of Thrones. 

Seasons 1-3 of the epic fantasy begin streaming Friday, February 16, with Season 4-5 to follow shortly thereafter and the remaining seasons to be added throughout 2018.

This is perfect for me, because I’ve never seen Game of Thrones and now it will finally be easy for me to stream the show ahead of its final season in 2019. Surely, I can watch the whole series by then, right? RIGHT?!

Here’s what I know of the show:

  1. There’s dragons.
  2. There’s incest.
  3. Something crazy happens in an episode called The Red Wedding.
  4. There’s dragons.

The usefulness of the streaming service is slowly working its way into my life, after me paying for it for years simply so I can watch reruns of Sex and The City over and over. (Carrie really does seem like a terrible person the more you watch it.)

We also used just watched Big Little Lies on Crave and that was really great too!

What I’m really interested in seeing if CraveTV will be able to pick up ER, which was just announced will be streaming on HULU in the States. And since Canadians don’t have Hulu….

If memory serves me correct, ER aired on CTV, and Bell Media owns both CTV and Crave TV, so maybe there’s a connection there?!  Fingers crossed!


Mike Morrison