>Dear Blog Readers,

Let’s all try to be honest with eachother here for just a moment. No one likes working on Fridays during the summer. That’s why most people don’t. Sure they are in the building but are they really working? Probably not.
You are no better, how else are you reading this right now?
No worries though. We are all guilty of slacking on Fridays. It’s as natural as voting conservative in Alberta or only smoking when you drink.
Here are some of my favorite time wasting websites to enjoy on a Friday in the office.
Share yours in the comments (no login required) or email them to me!
tagline: Remember that text from last night you should not have sent? We do.

This Is Why You’re Fat

tagline: Where Dreams become heart attacks.
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Kentucky Nachos: Potato chips covered in barbecued pulled pork, blue cheese, coleslaw, cheddar cheese and sauteed onions and peppers.

Sample Post:

A reminder that being seen in the family photograph is a privilege, not a right.

Mike Morrison