>So Friday is finally here and things are looking up! Cat Deely is back in my live. Grey’s Anatomy had a solid season finale full out makeout crying and I finally bought my tickets to Fredericton and Toronto for this summer! So what are we going to do to celebrate?

I’ve decided to start a new little tradition here on Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob (no no no, not spellcheck! I gave up on that in February!) Friday’s will now be known as Funky Fridays (copywrite and/or name pending future suggestions). What exactly is Funky Friday? Well every week I’ll post a classic song from Youtube. When you watch this video you have to put all your troubles behind you. If you are in an office you have to turn the song up as loud as you think will keep you from getting fired and you just have to go nuts. Whether that is full out dancing (in my office they are known as Mike’s Friday Dance Parties) or just moving your butt around in your chair!

I’m mean sure we could all be sad about all the things going on in our lives. The stress! The stark poverty! The balding! The fact that the mailman left my EW magazine in the rain all day today! But that can all wait for monday because it’s the weekend and no one likes Mondays anyway!

Last week’s choice was a little controversial so I’m going with something this week that will hopefully keep death threats from curly haired blondes to a bare minimum!


Bonus Funky Friday Scrubs Bonus!

Mike Morrison