>Today is special for many reasons!
It’s the 2-month anniversary of Funky Fridays!
It’s the first full day of the Calgary Stampede!!!
It’s also Parade Day which means the whole city gets the morning off of work to go downtown and watch 4-hour parade that basically includes horses shitting on your feet, children doing much of the same, politicians riding in cars, retired hockey players getting paid to wave and Calgarians essentially pretend that they didn’t see the EXACT same parade the year before.

But that is neither here nor there! Today is Friday, in which has to be the shortest feeling work week of all time. If only they can all be only 3 days long. If only we didn’t have to work. If only our last names were the same as the name of a hotel company. I think Michael Holiday-Inn has a solid ring to it.

Anyway, I decided last week that I wanted to celebrate the start of stampede by listening to some Aqua. That’s right, I said AQUA. You remember the band of the late nineties don’t you? Of you course you do. But what you might not remember is how many hit singles they actually had and how many of their lyrics you actually remember!

Even luckier is that Aqua has it’s own YouTube page(which surely has been posted just to garner some excitement for the reunion-it worked!). But with all their hits at our finger tips which one do you choose to have the designation of Funky Friday selection 8? It’s obviously not an easy decision. Do you go with Barbie Girl because that was by far their biggest hit? Or do you go with Cartoon Heroes because it is the weirdest video ever? Actually, correction: second weirdest video. Then there is the jungle-themed Dr. Jones. The equally absurd My Oh My? The ridiculously catchy Lollipop? What about their song from Gwyneth Paltrow-Martin’s movie Sliding Doors: Turn Back Time?

But in the end I decided on not their most popular song, but definitely my most favorite. This song MUST be turned up loud in your office. Who cares, if you are in Calgary you are probably the only one there. If you are else where, consider it your initiation to becoming a true cowboy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy Funky Friday! Have yourselves an awesome and safe weekend!

Mike Morrison