>I spend most of my week thinking about Funky Friday. I ignore the phone and slack on returning emails all in the name of researching the perfect song that can capture the amazingness of a weekend. While this weekend isn’t that exciting for me, you can thank my part-time job for that one. Next weekend’s is looking amazing. 4 days off from all of my 16 jobs and it’s Canada Day Weekend!!! I’m desperate to go somewhere so if anyone wants to come or has any suggestions just let me know!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Today’s song was an easy choice mostly because it has been sunny for the first time in months in Calgary, so it is cause for a song of giant proportions.

This song has become a classic summer/one-hit wonder but it is still totally fun to listen to!!! For some reason this band thinks they are hot shit, so I can’t put their song on my blog, but I am allowed to link to it. They should be happy I’m even doing this. You’re lucky I can’t resist a solid summer song! Enjoy your friday!

***don’t forget to turn it up loud!***

Mike Morrison