>Every week I look forward to Funky Friday more and more. I love the process of finding fun songs that we all haven’t heard of in a while. Even better is when people send in suggestions (Holly, I’m saving yours for a special occasion…you’ll see.) This week’s Funky Friday is special for 2 reasons.
1) It’s a suggestion from my friend Danelle
2)It has an age warning on Youtube.

The video for this song is perhaps the greatest/worst/perfect/amazing/disturbing in a good way video you will ever see. When I watch it I like to think about the casting process for a video such as this one. I also like to think about if these “dancers” showed their parents this video.

Either way it’s a great tune that begs you turn up the speakers at your work and go nuts. I guarantee if you do it someone will tell you how much they love it! And don’t forget to tell them where you saw it!

This video has also special meaning for anyone that knew me during the years of 2004-2005 for a reason that I’m surprised has not surfaced on YouTube yet….thankfully. This is for you STU EDU ’05!

Mike Morrison