>OK so it’s finally Friday again which can only mean one single thing! FUNKY FRIDAY is back!!!

Today’s song is an oldey but a goldey. I think I was in Grade 10 when it came out and it’s freaking fun to grove to. Especially if you are working in a boring office or teach bratty kids. This song also gets props for having a freaking weird video!

Today’s song also has special meaning because my neighbor downstairs, Victoria, freaking loves thins song. And she was soooo happy on Thursday night when we got to go Sex and The City. Over the past couple of months she has become one of the most important people I have here in Calgary and I wanted to give a special shout out to her! She doesn’t even read this blog but none the less.

Here you go Victoria……

ps. Have a suggestion for next week’s Funky Friday? Send it my way!

Mike Morrison