>I’m going to be honest. I’m wiped and the next 10 days are only getting busier. Especially because I’m heading to one of my favorite cities, Toronto, again on Tuesday. But at least I’m busy doing stuff I love and I can’t complain about that.

This week was awesome. I found out that I am a finalist on Talk Show Idol 2 and I got the big exclusive with Two Strangers and a Wedding. Not to mention the fact that my mom is still visiting and I’m trying to show her as much of the province as possible. It’s off to Waterton today, can’t wait!

I know you guys are totally expecting me to play the new Nickleback song, but I’m no longer in the business of finding soul-sucking songs so I chose another fun Canadian artist who is making a crazy comeback. After all Deborah Cox hasn’t had a hit single since 1998. Is it a great song? Maybe not. Is it a fun song on a Friday to dance out to? Absolutely.

Have an awesome weekend and make sure you take some time to read up on the elections. For Canadian we only have a little more than a week until we are fortunate enough to go to the polls!

Mike Morrison

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