>Happy Friday!

It was a great week for weather here in Calgary and by looks of it not so much on the east coast! But they are a tough bunch and I’m sure they can handle it!

It’s been an insane week and I only have a couple of more days until Talk Show Idol 2! I’ve honestly got no idea what I’m going to be talk about yet, luckily I have the whole weekend to come up with something. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears!

I really love today’s Funky Friday song, it’s a great song by a band that I’ve alway really enjoyed so far. There is no official video for the single yet, so a fan one will have to do!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. And thanks again for all your support with Talk Show Idol 2, the Facebook group already has nearly 200 people! We got this thing in the bag you guys!

Drive safe and have fun!

Mike Morrison