God I love Fridays, especially ones that happen to be on the same day that I am seeing Elton John! I’m going to be honest, I bought the tickets back in June and since then I had completely forgot about the concert until just a couple of days ago. How someone could forget about Elton John, I do not know.

I saw Sir Elton a couple of years ago, under much more dramatic circumstances, so I am excited this time around to actually sit and enjoy the show.

But instead of choosing an Elton John song for the the 18th edition of Funky Friday, I thought I would give you one more clue to what Energy’s Big Reveal is going to be on Monday morning at 7:15am (Calgary -time)

There have been lots of guesses but no correct answers. I can hardly wait!

Have a great weekend! Be safe, have fun and enjoy some time away from the elections!

Mike Morrison