>Funky Friday is taking a little break today in order to celebrate the entertainment event of the year that will be taking place on tv sets all over north American tonight. The celebration is called Stand Up to Cancer and will shown on rivals CBS, ABC and NBC at the same time starting at 9pm. FOX seems quite happy to show the two-hour premiere of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. They apparently are not. The CW would be lucky to get cancer, then people might pay attention to them.

Anyway, the telethon features dozens of the worlds top comedians, musicians, actors and television personalities.

Famous faces participating include:
Jessica Alba
Casey Affleck
Charles Barkley
Joshua Bell
Elizabeth Berkley
Halle Berry
Jack Black
Kate Bosworth
Abigail Breslin
Josh Brolin
Ellen DeGeneres
Dana Delany
Fran Drescher
Kirsten Dunst
Melissa Etheridge
Jon Favreau
America Ferrera
Jennifer Garner
Stephanie Grimes
Josh Groban
Neil Patrick Harris
Tony Hawk
Salma Hayek
Marg Helgenberger
Scarlett Johansson
Melina Kanakaredes
Diane Keaton
John Krasinski
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Rob Lowe
Shelby Lynne
Mandy Moore
Jason Mraz
Don Newcombe
Sharon Osbourne
Josh Peck
Keanu Reeves
Christina Ricci
Robin Roberts
Tristan Rogers
Jimmy Smits
David Spade
James Taylor
Ben Teller
Marlo Thomas
Goran Visnjic
Forest Whitaker
BeBe Winans
Marissa Winokur

I was not asked to participate. So I’ll do it from home, it’s probably where my biggest fans are. TIVO counts as a fan right?

The event has it’s own Youtube Channel with lots of funny and interesting clips with some of the celebs. Again, I am not included. Larry David’s is one of my favorites because Larry suffers from the same disease that I have to confront each and every day.

So if you are home tonight, this will definitely be the event to watch. Just think of it as Idol Give Back, only without the Paula Abdul and I think that might just be reason enough.

Mike Morrison