>I don’t got a lot to say about today’s Funky Friday song today, I mean beside the fact that it is without a doubt my FAVOURITE Funky Friday song ever! Honestly, I know I always tell you how awesome they are. I guess I kinda sound like Seacrest when they say Idol has the best Top 24 ever!!!! Every.single.year.

But unlike that lying frosted tip bastard, I actually mean it, my co-worker Jenny introduced me to the great canadian band called Of Montreal and I think this song of their album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? is truly the definition of a great funky song. I’m proud to say I’ve always been drug free but this video will make you feel like you have taken something, those crazy canadians!

Once you are done listening to Gronlandic Edit for the 12th time make sure you leave me a comment telling me how much you love it. Only rave reviews will be accepted!

I sincerely hope you have a great weekend! And in the famous words from our friends at Body Break: Keep fit and have fun.

I’d be okay if you did 50% of that.

Mike Morrison