>Tuesday was pretty much the most random day of my life. I know that sounds dramatic and it’s super easy to say that any given day is your “most random day”. But, no joke, all seriousness, random. By the time noon hit, I was exhausted with a rollar coaster of emotions. Air Canada had changed my flight without telling me, Breakfast Television called (more on that in a couple of weeks), so did Opulence Magazine (more on that in September). Then there was that email from Fox News Channel and that random commercial that has been floating all over the New Brunwick airwaves. Seriously. It was exhaustingly awesome.

Anyway, the day was topped off later that evening when I was in WalMart getting keys cut and this song started playing over the speakers. I literally burst out laughing. It is a terrible song. An awful song. I don’t think you should even listen to it. But at the same time hopefully you’ll find it has funny and “perspective-putting” as I did.

Happy Friday. I am having a blast in the maritimes! It’s good to be home! Don’t forget to have an awesome weekend, always call a cab and call and old friend to say hello!


Mike Morrison