>Wow!  Funky Friday 10 already?!?!  I sorta feel like those “Now That’s What I Call Music” CDs, it seems like they put out a CD of that week’s most overplayed songs any chance they get! What number are they on right now like 46?

But of course Funky Fridays mean so much more than that.  These songs are solely for you on a Friday.  Think of it as a celebration.  They are meant to make you dance around you office (or the coffee shop, penitentiary, etc), sing a song that you haven’t heard in forever or maybe a song you didn’t even know existed.  
I actually didn’t have a song in mind until Thursday afternoon.  I heard it on the radio and it’s been in my head all night.  It’s an oldie (13 years old!) but I think you’ll be surprised how many of those words you still remember and then I’ll bet that you don’t only play it just the once.
Oh man this is too good.
Happy Weekend Everyone!  I hope you have a blast, I hope you do something you’ve never done before and I hope you something that will put a smile on someone else’s face!

Mike Morrison