>Sometimes I think someone, somewhere is just playing a huge joke on all of us. We arent really in control of anything, there is someone who, along with the writers of The Hills, is just toying with all of us for their amusement.

Here is the evidence I have collected in the past couple of days:
One Tree Hill and According to Jim are still on TV
-I “mistakingly” bought the latest Hanson CD and can’t stop listening to it.
-Flights to the maritimes for xmas have already crossed the $1500 mark. My flight to Honk Kong was $800.
-I’m pretty sure the house across from the street from me is being built upside down but no one else seems to notice.
-My mom thought my big secret was that I was getting married!
-New Kids on The Block have the number CD in all of Canada this week. I’ll repeat: NKOTB HAVE THE NUMBER ONE CD IN CANADA THIS WEEK.

That’s a joke right? I mean it has to be! It’s 2008. They haven’t had a number CD in Canada since 1990. Home Alone was the number one movie that year! That’s the year that Alf and You Can’t Do That on Television ended! Johnathan Lipnicki was born in 1990!

While I would like to take the credit (and/or blame) for this, I can assume that they made a deal with Star Jones The Devil, New Kids on the Block have lived to see another day. Can a return visit from Alf be that far away?

I don’t know.

Mike Morrison