>I’m celebrating two things this Friday and I wanted to quickly give them a big shout out!

#1) Happy 5th Birthday Brianna!!!
Brianna is my favorite niece (I only have the one) and is honesty one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Picture Dora the Explorer, Chelsea Handler, Roseanne Bar and a teddy bear. That’s her. She is my crazy monkey and I can’t wait to see her the rest of my family in a couple of weeks!

Happy Birthday Princess Bree!

#2) Happy 50,000km Sally!
Sally The Sexy Saturn is my very first car and on Thursday night she reached the epic milestone of 50,000km. Sally has been pretty much the one constant in my life of the last three years starting when I drove her across the country from New Brunswick to Alberta, and I was so excited to be able share the big 50,000km with her.

Here’s to another 50,000km. No, seriously, I’m worried about her. I need her to make it another 50,000.

Mike Morrison