Score one for Canada!

The FOX hit Fringe has made a big decision about it’s second season, even though the network hasn’t even said that the show will have one.

According to THR, the sci-fi series which stars Canadian Joshua Jackson (Pacey!) is moving it’s production from NYC to Vancouver this summer. Citing economic-times, the shows producers decided to announce this even though no second season has been officially announced. Which is obviously good news for Fringe fans. Now that our canadian dollar is back in the toilet, it’s much cheaper to film here again and since ratings for Fringe aren’t huge, it makes sense to move to a cheaper local to convince FOX to keep it on the air just a little bit longer!

This is great news for the vancouver which has been hit hard by the economic slump!
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

And no, I still haven’t seen an episode of Fringe. At this point, I’ve decided to wait for the DVDs which will be released for the supposed second season kicks of this fall!

Mike Morrison