Pure unadulterated exhaustion is what I’m feeling right now.
I seriously can’t remember the last time I didn’t work at least a 13 hour day.
I think it was three weeks ago.

I don’t like to complain about working, I’m very fortunate to work a couple of jobs that are great and challenging.

But damn, I’m tired.

So here are some thought’s I’ve had this week.

Private Practice this week? Awful. So bad. How did that even get past the writers room.

The Golden Compass opens this week, after a lot of controversy from Catholic Societies. I couldn’t care less about either. I don’t know, I think after 3 years of Lord of the Rings, 5 years of Harry Potter plus the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, I’m spent. I think I’ll wait for Juno, which finally opens up in selected cities this weekend.

-I will be home in 2 weeks. That is ridiculous.

-I will be talking Jessi from MTV’s The Hills:Aftershow on Monday with Energy!!!! Have I mentioned how lucky I am and how much I love Energy!

-Friday nights mean Friday Night Lights. With the writers strike not ending any time soon and the Christmas season coming up you have no reason not to add the first season of this AMAZING show to your Santa list.

-I thought last Sunday’s Desperate Housewives was the last one till the strike was done, but it turns out there is another episode which is the Part 2 to last weeks twister of episode! Woohoo!

Ok, that’s it.
That’s all I got!

Mike Morrison