How great is it that today is Friday?

I don’t know about you, but I’m wiped.
I plan on sitting in front of my TV for the entire weekend, enjoying my Complete Series of Ally McBeal and enjoy two great bottles of Fuzion wine. Okay, three.
This weekend is also a great chance to catch up on some other great Canadian blogs!
Here’s what you need to read:
  • XOXO Jes has found a woman with two vaginas. And it’s not Tom Cruise!
  • Out is Through: Guess what kids book is getting turned into a movie? Clue: It involves bears and one of them is a huge bitch.
  • The Review Crew posted the first images of the biggest Ipod speaker ever. EVER.
  • Techvibes has gotten all the details on Telus and Bell’s newest contract with the Iphone!
  • The Canadian Blog Awards nominations are open. AHEM.
  • Popped Culture has a hilarious breakdown of the life of Disney Princess.
And lastly, I’m demanding that you check out Kat Vanka’s blog. She is an uber-talented artist that did the above image. She has this great blog that shows how she did it, step by step. Very very cool.

Mike Morrison