All September long, I will be saving money.
Or at least trying to….
My first step towards not crying myself to sleep will be to stop buying new clothes! That’s right, from now on, I will walk right by the Superstore. No more Joe Fresh for me. I’ve realized that there comes a time in your life when you just have to say no to high-priced clothing, and turn to cereal to help put clothes on your back.
Yes, I said cereal.
Take Apple Cinnaman Cheerios for example. To celebrate the Olympics (and I’m assuming my inability to afford $7 t-shirts), General Mills is giving away relatively cool looking Signature T-Shirts. (see photo below)

All you have to do is buy a box of cereal, visit their website and enter a code. Then you get to pick your size and they send it to you. And yes, they pay the shipping!!

And it’s not just Apple Cinneman Cheerios, it’s every General Mills brand, including: Fruity Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Oatmeal Crisp, French Toast Crunch, Reese Puffs and my personal favourite Lucky Charms.

Do you know how many free t-shirts that is!!! I’ll never have to buy clothes again. Now, if another cereal company could start giving away some free underwear, my life would be a lot less complicated. I’ll leave that one to the imagination!

Mike Morrison